Phytomed Herbal Supplements

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Who are we?

Phytomed Herbal Supplements (Pty) Ltd is a proudly South African herbal healthcare brand with the initial focus on creating products for the retail markets through pharmacies, medical practices and health shops. 

After continuous research and development, the Phyto range of superior quality herbal products was developed in 2005, specifically for the network marketing business model which depends on person-to-person sales by independent distributors, often working from home. 

Through this business model we have been able to reach into homes all over Africa, making a positive impact on not only on the health of many communities but also on the economic development of those communities. Through providing an employment opportunity to anyone who has initiative, we have empowered many families and brought significant changes to their lives. 

Our products

Based on the integration of modern biological technology and the essence of 5000 years of KHOISAN traditional health care culture, Phytomed has produced high quality herbal products to improve health care.