Phytomed Herbal Supplements


Incentives and Rewards

Phytomed values hard work and is always happy to reward those who show initiative. Incentives are an important part of keeping the momentum going and motivating Distributors to achieve their sales targets. 

Since the first Phytomed Awards Event in 2008, the Company has made it a priority to award those who have worked hard, not just awarding the top target earners, but also those who have simply improved themselves and shown great promise throughout the year. 

The smaller, more practical awards of dishwashers, cooking appliances, TV’s and laptops are awarded to those who are just starting out and need the incentive to keep going. 

The more high-tiered awards are ones that dreams are made of – driving away in a luxury new car, enjoying a weekend away at a top class resorts or a week on a cruise liner, and the ultimate experience of flying off overseas to explore different cultures and first world attractions. These sought after rewards go to those who work the hardest, consistently hitting high sales targets and managing their uplines with great success. 

Phyto 4 Distributors

Phyto 4 Distributors qualify for a luxury cruise including airfares, transfers and R5,000 spending money

Join us in December every year!

Phyto 5 Distributors

Phyto 5 Distributors qualify for a trip for 2 overseas including airfares, transfers and R20,000 spending money
Join us in November every year!

Phyto 6 Distributors

Phyto 6 Distributors qualify for a Luxury Car to the value of R450 000