Phytomed Herbal Supplements


A natural immune modulator

A natural remedy that has been enhanced with extracts from a boraginaceous shrub. PhytoMune is used to treat various aliments. Primary benefi cial substances include essential fatty acids (linoleic acid and omega-6-fatty acid), calcium and vitamin C, one of the body’s most important antioxidants. Also noteworthy is the presence of glucosamine monomers that are known to have important Immune Stimulating effects.

Carnitine present in PhytoMune is an antioxidant that increases the life span of cells of the Immune System and it stimulates cell energy production. Magnesium helps nutrients work synergistically (Co factors in many enzymatic reactions.) Observational studies done shows that Phytomune assist in increasing the CD4 blood count. PhytoMune is highly recommended for HIV infected people, those complaining of Chronic Fatigue and also individuals in apparent good health.

A natural appetite suppresant

Hoodia Gordonii cactus is the plant with the new wonder ingredient that curbs ones appetite and helps one to slim; Hoodia Gordonii is actually a succulent plant from the Kalahari Desert, home of the San People. The San have been using the Hoodia Gordonii succulent for centuries to stave off hunger during their long and arduous hunting trips in the harsh South Africa wild. Now you too can experience the effectiveness of this miracle diet pill.

The discovery of the active ingredient in the Hoodia Gordonii plant is proven with clinical research to suppress ones appetite by up to 2000 calories a day. This amazing and all natural and organic ingredients is the result of 30 years of research by the CSIR. For most effective results, Phytoslim must be taken in conjunction with a well balanced nutritional diet.

A natural anti-depressant

One of Africa’s oldest tribes discovered natures own Prozac. The primary ingredient in PhytoD-Stress, Sceletium Tortuosum, is a rare creeper which only grows in the Cape Region of South Africa and has been used by the Khoisan Tribe for thousands of years.

Sceletium is described as being ideal for the treatment of Anxiety, Alcohol and Drugs dependence, Bulimia, Compulsive Disorders & Depression. It is used to re-balance the brain and nervous system and thereby relief symptoms of depression. Tablets and capsules of Sceletium is used successfully by a number of psychiatrist and psychologist, with excellent results for Anxiety, Depression, Stress and Tension. It is also used to elevate your mood.

A natural anti-oxidant

PhytoCydin is an antioxidant supplement made primarily from Grape seed extract which is the source of a powerful antioxidant complex called proanthocyanidins. Proanthocyanidins are especially effective in protecting the body from the harmful effects of free radicals.

Free radicals are by-products of the body’s metabolism and can be described as its own exhaust fumes. PhytoCydin will not only bring relieve to people with chronic diseases but can also contribute towards prevention of diseases because of its immune boosting properties and contributes to the general well being of individuals.

Blends of herbal tea

A blend of Rooibos, Honeybush, Dandelion and Milk Thistle make up this unique herbal tea. Used as a tea by the San and Khoi-Khoi as early back as 1705. Being caffeine free makes it especially suited for nighttime consumption. It has a reputation as a calming beverage.

The fast moving pace of modern life depletes our bodies of essential minerals such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc and sodium, as well as trace elements of copper and manganese. All of these minerals as well as fl uoride, vital for healthy bones and teeth can be found in PhytoBlend. PhytoBlend’s anti-spasmodic and anti-allergic benefi ts has been credited mainly to quercetin, one of the main fl avonoids in Rooibos.

Drinking Phytoblend daily may:

  • Help fight free radicals that contribute to chronic diseases such as atherosclerosis, arthritis, heart disease and cancer.
  • Help decrease cholesterol in the blood.
  • Help protect the liver.
    Maintain healthy bones and teeth.
  • Help improve memory.
    Regulate bowel movements.
  • Support healthy skin and ease numerous skin diseases.

A natural anti-inflammatory

Devils Claw is a plant native to Southern Africa and has been used by the Khoisan people of the Kalahari Desert for thousands of years. It is most often used for the treatment of Arthritis symptoms including pain and infl ammation. The primary plant contains iridoid glycosides, a substance believed to have strong anti-infl ammatory effects.

Harpagoside is highly concentrated in the roots and has been shown in laboratories to have potent pain relieving and anti-fl ammatory properties.

As a blood cleanser it removes deposits from the joints. It is also recommended for reducing cholesterol, cleansing the lymph system, regulating blood sugar and aiding with digestion.

PhytoC-Plus is a comprehensive formula for fighting off colds and fl u when they first start. It has the natural herbs Lobostemon and Echinacea which have been demonstrated to boost the body’s T-Cells that guard against viruses and bacteria and which boost the immune system. It also contains Vitamin C which has well-known properties in preventing infections from getting worse, together with other vitamins which are depleted when the body fights infections. This product may be useful in alleviating symptoms once a cold or flu has started.

Superior Herbal Balm

PhytoBalm utilizes a natural synergy found in herbs and natural oils. Combining Terebinth and Clove oil gives efficient, safe, fast pain relief. Better blood circulation is stimulated with the addition of Menthol and Cinnamon oil. The addition of Eucalyptus oil and Menthol provide an excellent vaporizing combination to quickly de-congest blocked nasal and sinus passages.

For Body pains, Bruises, Sprains and Rheumatics:
Massage thoroughly into painful areas 2 or 3 times daily.

Headaches and Stress pains:
Massage gently onto forehead and temples as required

Sinus and Nasal Congestion:
Add 1 teaspoon of balm to 1L of boiling water, place towel over head to concentrate vapours and gently inhale.

PhytoKidz is a complete tonic for children. It has a full spectrum of vitamins necessary for kids to thrive as well as the immune boosting Lobostemon herb which will help your child resist infections.

Lecithin has been added to provide ‘brain food’ for growing children. Lecithin contains phosphatidyl choline which may be useful in helping children with ADHD.

Anti-Diabetic supplement

PhytDiabetes consists of natural ingredients that are essential in making it safe and effective. It has no chemically generated compounds and has no negative side effects.

Diabetes is a disease in which the body does not produce or does not properly use the insulin necessary to absorb glucose (Sugar). The glucose then accumulates in the blood stream until levels get dangerously high, this is commonly known as hyperglycemia. Diabetes is currently the 3rd leading cause of death in developed countries. Diabetes forces a change in lifestyle and will require the intake of medication continuously. Complications from diabetes leads to Blindness, Kidney Failure, Heart Disease, Nerve Damage, Limb amputation and even Death.

98.6% of people using PhytDiabetes as directed, reported positive results. Patients showed a significant reduction in Blood sugar levels.

Reduces Blood Sugar Levels. It disables glucose absorption from the intestine and prevents adrenal hormones from stimulating the liver to produce glucose. Both of which directly reduce blood sugar levels.

Eliminates Insulin Resistance. PhytDiabetes allows cell receptors to better recognize insulin which virtually eliminates insulin resistance. Most medical sources agree that insulin resistance is the root cause of Type 2 Diabetes.

Normalises Insulin Production. PhytDiabetes stimulates the increased production of an organic compound that is naturally produced by the body. In Type 1 Diabetes this compound functions just like insulin, as a natural alternative.

A natural calcium supplement

Calcium is a major mineral essential for healthy bones and teeth. The three main functions of calcium are as constituents of the skeleton. You must absorb calcium every day from you dietary intake because your body does not make calcium. Only 20 – 30% of calcium in the average diet is absorbed.

You lose calcium through shedding of skin, cutting off nails and hair, through sweat and urine. When you do not have enough calcium your body breaks down bone to obtain the mineral. This resulting in weaker bones which leads to osteoporosis.

Osteoporosis is the major cause of bone fractures in the elderly. One in four women are affected by this disease. It is better prevented than treated and prevention includes an adequate intake of calcium throughout life, but especially in childhood and young adulthood.

Bone loss accelerates after menopause, therefore post menopausal women are more prone to osteoporosis because they produce less oestrogen, which protects the skeleton in younger women.

Due to our modern lifestyles we are unable to get the sufficient calcium from our diet, making it necessary for a calcium supplement such as PhytoCal.

A natural libido enhancer

PhytoAgra is a 100% natural Sexual Enhancer, that increases Libido, Orgasm and Erection. It is guaranteed to fight off low libido and will increase your performance during sexual activity. After much research, PhytoAgra was developed from some of the worlds best Natural Herbal Aphrodisiacs.

Eurycoma Longifolia, commonly knows as Tongkat Ali. A Testosterone Booster that works by affecting the Lutenizing Hormones in the body, which signal testosterone production. The herb was traditionally used as a potent aphrodisiac for men, studies show an increase in energy, stamina and endurance. It is also used to increase virility and sexual performance and is said to improve power during sexual activity. It assists in increasing sexual arousal and frequency of sexual activity.

Tribulus Terrestris, A testosterone enhancer, It has been used for centuries to treat premature ejaculation. Tribulus is ecologically pure and a natural aid to help Impotency, Low Libido and male infertility. In a study conducted with 20 men, it showed that 75% had Increased Endurance and 80% had increased Libido and Sexual Performance. A further study with 200 men suffering from Impotency, showed increase in L.H. and Testosterone levels after taking Tribulus. The study also found that there was an increase in Sperm Production.

Epimedium Grandiflora commonly known as Horny Goat Weed. It has Testosterone like effects, stimulating Sexual Activity, Desire, Increase Sperm Production and Sensory Nerves.

L-Arginine Is an important amino acid and has a role in initiating and maintaining an erection.

Reduces scars and blemishes

PhytoDerm is a fine-textured cream that has high moisturising activity together with the natural immune boosting properties of Lobostemon. The cream contains DMAE that helps to reduce wrinkling of the skin, especially on the face. The more the product is used, the better the results.

High amounts of Vitamin E help to reduce blemishes and marks on the skin. Remember that if you are prone to blemishes, use a sunscreen on the affected areas as well.

A natural tonic for the blood.

PhytoIron is a natural way to boost the iron in your blood and prevent anaemia. It Contains Spirulina which strengthens the immune system, improves weight gain and helps protect against viral infections. 


  1. Gives you energy
  2. Speeds up recovery after illness
  3. Boosts your resistance
  4. Strengthens during and after pregnancy
  5. Increases stamina

Iron – have you ever noticed…

  1. That your children ar shorter than other children of the same age
  2. You and your family has a changed or poor apetite
  3. Feeling cold, tired and lethargic 
  4. Abnormal menstruations

Then you definitely need iron. Highly recommended for anaemia, stress relief and increasing concentration.